A buy pitch for INSU

Underinvestment in American infrastructure is a well-known story. The area that has suffered the most under-investment is water infrastructure, as most of it is hidden away from us–we don’t even think about it when we flush our toilets. But, chronic underinvestment has its price. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 40% of U.S. waterbodies do not meet water quality standards because of effluent that has leaked into it, through stormwater or leaking sewage pipelines. Most of the sewage pipelines were laid after world war II and are nearing the end of their lifelines, and need to rehabilitated. Insituform Technologies will be one of the biggest beneficiary of investment in wastewater. How?

See a 2-page PDF pitch for INSU here.
See the Excel model used here


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